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Balancing Dance and Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Feeling more frazzled than festive this holiday season? Here are some tips and tools for finding balance among the bauble this time of year.

Your Blueprint for Better Balancing

Tips and thoughts to improve your overall balancing of poses. We discuss alignment, supporting muscles, focus, energy, and all about growing a balance in ‘good soil’. You’ll also get a list of balance challenges to train your senses for better stability.

Foam Rollers: Flawed Fad or Functionally Fundamental?

Seems every dancer’s doing it but what is the purpose and value in using a foam roller? And, should you be doing it too? Here’s the 411 on fascia and foam rolling.

Start-Up Stories: The Multi-Disciplinary Arts Program

Former contributor, Roger Lee shares why he’s starting a multi-disciplinary arts training center for youth in Philadelphia, how he’s marketing it, and how he’s balancing it with the direction of his dance company.

Why Dancers Practice Yoga

After years of rigorous dance study, yoga was a palate-cleanser for Erin. She and fellow dancer/yoga instructor, Ashleigh, share the many ways yoga practice complements their dance life.