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Balancing Dance and Your Busy Holiday Schedule

Balancing Dance and Your Busy Schedule

Feeling more frazzled than festive this holiday season? Here are some tips and tools for finding balance among the bauble this time of year.

Your Blueprint for Better Balancing

IMAGE A Jenga tower miraculously leans and balances on a single, uncentered, block. IMAGE

Tips and thoughts to improve your overall balancing of poses. We discuss alignment, supporting muscles, focus, energy, and all about growing a balance in ‘good soil’. You’ll also get a list of balance challenges to train your senses for better stability.

Start-Up Stories: The Multi-Disciplinary Arts Program

Roger Lee Arts Academy

Former contributor, Roger Lee shares why he’s starting a multi-disciplinary arts training center for youth in Philadelphia, how he’s marketing it, and how he’s balancing it with the direction of his dance company.

Why Dancers Practice Yoga

Eagle Pose Yoga

After years of rigorous dance study, yoga was a palate-cleanser for Erin. She and fellow dancer/yoga instructor, Ashleigh, share the many ways yoga practice complements their dance life.

How Yoga Can Help You Become a Better Dancer

Woman practicing yoga on beach

Yoga practice can be a perfect complement to dance for so many reasons. Grier Cooper goes beyond the obvious and explains why yoga is a popular cross-training choice for dancers.

BeachBody vs. A Dancer’s Body

Women practicing pilates

Fitness workouts, Insanity, P90x, and PiYo are popular, but how do other dancers feel about BeachBody as an addition to their cross-training routine? Jessica shares a dancer’s perspective for the benefit of the curious.

Our Top Ten Pirouette Tips

A ballet dancer performs a pirouette

We believe there is no such thing as too much turning advice. Here are even more ways to perfect your pirouettes.

Is It Impossible to Balance Dance Training and a Desire to Run?

Runner in a pink tutu

College student, Alissa Anderson has motivation to try running even though traditionally dancers have shied away from this activity. So she turns to a few expert references and draws her own conclusions. Are you a dancer and a runner or hoping to balance them both? Join the conversation!

The Perfect (and Painless) Ballet Bun – It Can Be Done!

© Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre School

Going beyond ‘how to make a ballet bun’, Angeline’s tutorial provides tips that help moms and dance teachers keep your dancers comfortable during the bun-making process. These pointers for pain-free and hygienic hairstyling are a must for exam and competition days!

Dancer Speak: Re-Thinking How We Talk About Dance


When it comes to talking about dance, there are plenty of possibilities. Sometimes using “real-life” synonyms to the “dancer speak” that we are accustomed to allows kids to see how big ideas relate from discipline to discipline. Dance in the public schools provides an outlet for kids to express themselves but also a way to connect the ideas being developed in their core classes in unique ways. Yet, you don’t have to teach in the public schools to work this {Read More}

The Fit Dancer: Get off the couch for back-to-dance bootcamp!


Back-to-school time is upon us, and with the freshly sharpened pencils and crisp wide-ruled paper also come the frightening anticipation of returning to dance.  While most studios offer some sort of summer intensive and many dancers go away to professional intensives, chances are many young dancers spend a good chunk of summer putting in serious time on the sofa.  Sure, taking a break is a great idea, but going from little or no daily activity back to three, four, or {Read More}

Warming Up to Engage: Three Options to Get Your Dancers Moving


The role of warm-up progresses as our understanding of dance changes. This is true whether our role is that of a student or a teacher. For many young dancers, warm-up is something to be endured before set free to really “dance” in the subsequent segments of class.  For my students, it is what they are referring to when they ask if next year we’ll do “different stuff.” I try to patiently explain, again and again, that “the stuff” stays the {Read More}